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Cookie Policy

General Introduction
As mentioned in the cookie pop-up, FEW. accessoires uses functional cookies, analytical cookies and marketing cookies on its website. In this cookie policy we will explain what type of cookies we use, what these cookies are used for and how you can use the settings of your browser to block these cookies. You are not obligated to accept cookies in order to use the website. However, some functionalities require cookies to work optimally.

Permission to use cookies
Dutch law states that you have to give permission for the use of cookies before using the website. In this cookie policy we will explain which cookies we use. Cookies can only be accepted by clicking the ‘Yes’ button on the cookie-popup. You can refuse the cookies by pressing the ‘No’ button. This prevents the cookies from being loaded and ensures no data is collected.

Explanation about cookies
A cookie is a small text file in which information is stored. This text file is placed on your computer when visiting a website (such as the website of FEW. accessoires). It is possible that the information that is stored in the text file is read by the website, or possibly a third party. Part of the cookies that may be used are necessary in order for certain functionalities to work (optimally). Another part of the cookies that may be used increase the ease of use of the website. Additionally, cookies can be used for marketing purposes. By accepting the cookies, JavaScripts will be activated and executed. These scripts register on which page the visitor is and what actions are taken.

Removing or blocking cookies
Browsers make it possible for the user to block cookies. An explanation on how to do this can be found by clicking the links below. However, when cookies are blocked the FEW. accessoires website will not work optimally.

Cookies used by FEW. accessoires
FEW. accessoires currently uses functional, analytical and marketing cookies. A detailed explanation on what functional cookies are follows below.

Functional cookies
These cookies are necessary to ensure the FEW. accessoires website works properly. An important functionality is that information is transferred from one page to the next page. This way certain information is saved, which for example allows your shopping basket to remain filled when you go to a different page. FEW. accessoires does not require your explicit permission to use these cookies. However, we think it’s important to inform our customers.

Analytical cookies
To guarantee and optimalize the usability of the website of FEW. accessoires, we make use of analytical cookies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows FEW. accessoires to gain insight in how the website is used and where to improve it, in case this may be required. The use of Google Analytics does not require explicit permission, because the data is anonymized and cannot be retraced back to a single person. We have done this preventing Google Analytics to read the last part of the IP-address. Additionally, we have deselect the option to share data and we do not make use of any other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. Lastly, we have signed a Data Processing Agreement with Google to ensure your data is handled carefully and properly.

Marketing cookies
With the help of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Hotjar, FEW. accessoires measures how the website is used. This allows us to gain insight in the behavior of the people who visit our website. This is done by monitoring which pages are being visited, which products are viewed and how long people are active on our website. The use of marketing cookies requires your permission.

With the help of Google Shopping, Google AdWords and adverts on Facebook and Instagram we gain insight in the channels via which we reach out to our consumers and which products they view. This allows us to better understand and reach our target audience and to show you products you might be interested in. The use of these cookies also requires your permission.

5. Changes in this cookie policy
Whenever the FEW. accessoires website or the laws and regulations concerning cookies change, FEW. accessoires will change the cookie policy without notifying you. The changes in the cookies policy come into effect from the moment the new cookie policy is published on the website. Because of this, it is advisable to check the cookie policy regularly. By doing so, you remain informed on possible changes, so you can change the cookies setting if you so desire. When you choose to continue using the FEW. accessoires website, you automatically agree with possible changes in the cookie policy.

– Version of January 23 2021 –