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Frequently Asked Questions
    My order is not yet processed in the system. What can I do?
    When you have returned your order, it can take up to 14 working days before we have processed your return. As soon as your return is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Should you not have received a confirmation e-mail after 14 working days, we advise you to contact our customer service.
    I have a complaint about my item. What should I do?
    Do you have a complaint about your item or about our service? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We will gladly assist in finding a suitable solution!
    My order is not complete. What should I do?
    In case your order has been delivered incomplete, please contact our customer service within 24 hours after your order has been delivered. Our contact information can be found on www.few-accessoires.nl/contact.
    I received a damaged article. What should I do?
    We check every individual product extensively before shipping it. To ensure your item arrives safely, we have added a protective layer on multiple areas of our products. Before you use your item, the stickers and/or sealing should be removed.

    In case your item still does not work after executing the step mentioned above, or in case your item is still damaged, you can always contact our customer service by sending an email to customerservice@few-accessoires.nl.

Cannot find your question in the FAQ? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service via customerservice@few-accessoires.nl, or call us on the number +31 (0)162 696578. We are happy to help.